Surma Black

Savvy Nagra, Jsl Singh


Tera Gucci te Prada dil, Tera Gucci te Prada dil lutda ae sada [x2], Asi lakh vaari dil nu sambhaliye, Gallan da rang suha red ni, Ho naini surma black … Naini surma black marjaniye [x2], Gallan da rang suha red ni. Ho luyi vit (Louis Vuitton) patt sutde kuware, Sanu jeen kithe dinde, Teri akh de ishare [x2], Ho asi husna da pura rang maaniye [x2], Gallan da rang suha red ni, Ho naini surma black, Ho naini surma black marjaniye, gallan da rang suha red ni [x2]. Ho teri addi ch thread kare mundeya nu dead, Tere nakhre di gal jive hoi spread [x2], Tu ‘Navi’ sochan vich paya dub janiye [x2], Gallan da rang suha red ni, Ho naini surma black… Naini _surma_black_ mar janiye, Gallan da rang sooha red ni [x2].

Surma Black is an album by Savvy Nagra which was released on 2016-07-28 and has an overall rating of 4 out of 5. The disc(s) has in total 1 tracks and runs for duration of 00:02:36. The album songs are written, composed and sung by Navi Kamboz, Jsl Singh, and recorded with the musical genre(s) Punjabi, Single Track.

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